Catering – 5 Top Questions to Ask Caterers

Catering – 5 Top Questions to Ask Caterers

Coming from a large Pittsburgh Italian family, I know the most indispensable ingredient of any event is the food. Today, more and more people choose the foods for their party, but leave the cooking to party caterers or corporate caterers. Finding the right party caterer should be the focal point of planning any variety of parties from a family dinner to a wedding, or an office party.

There are a few steps you should take to find just the right catering service for a special celebration. Plan out your calls to a caterer service by writing down questions you wish to have answered. The following are some sample questions. Add to the list with some of your own.

1. Ask if they are available on the day of your event. Get this question out of the way first.

2. Can they advise you on the amount of food to purchase for the number of guests expected? An experienced caterer will be able to judge this easily. It would be disappointing to realize you calculated incorrectly and ended up with lots of leftover food.

3. What are their most popular food catering choices? This can be helpful to know which dish is liked by most.

4. Do they provide the 素食到會 opportunity to sample some of the dishes they cater? This isn’t always possible, but if it is, it’s good to experience this.

5. Will there be an opportunity for you to visit another event they are catering? Many times this can be arranged. It would be up to the individuals involved, of course.

6. Do they have a catering license and are they insured? Professionals will have a license and will be insured.

7. Do they have any references about their catering services? Many times caterers are recommended by others or we happen to be at an event where we like the food. Always obtain catering references.

8. Have they won any awards or have they been publicly recognized for their work? This alone will give you a good indication if they are worth choosing.

Once you have completed the phone interviews, select the catering business which will best suit your event. Accept the caterer’s expertise in selecting the right food choices to accommodate your event. Finally, trust them to make your event memorable.

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