Getting Help With Credit Card Debt Through A Counseling Service

The buzzwords heard most in this decade are credit card debt. There are very few American consumers who have not been effected by the economic downturn, and very few who don’t have a share in the $2 trillion of consumer credit card debt. This is an astounding amount of money, and even more so when it is broken down to individuals. The average consumer debt is at about $16,000 per household, and that does not include mortgages, car payments or other loans with collateral attached. Because of drp 壞處 this high rate of debt, it is also no surprise that so many are seeking either a counseling service or some other form of help with debt.

The statistics are frightening, and the options for getting out of debt boil down to either restructuring debt and paying it off or declaring bankruptcy. Newer bankruptcy laws were put in place before the economy went crazy, and it is now a more difficult option to qualify for. Even if it can be employed, it doesn’t protect the consumer as much as it once did, and it certainly doesn’t wipe the debt slate clean. A home is no longer sacrosanct and off limits, and the whole process of bankruptcy can wind up seeming like a court supervised debt management plan. Consumers are beating things to the punch by looking to debt relief companies for advice on credit card debt, and it is working.

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