Why People Give Preference To Trojan And Durex Condoms

Why People Give Preference To Trojan And Durex Condoms

There are several brands of condoms that are popular out there, but two that stands out are the Trojan and Durex Condoms. Most people who like to use condoms go with reputed brands as they are known to follow high manufacturing standards. Nobody wants to end up with a ruptured or ill fitting condom, thereby increasing the chances of unsafe pregnancy or infections. There are a few reasons that stand out in people’s choice of different brands of condoms and here are some of them.

Brand Reputation of Trojan and Durex Condoms

Durex and Trojan condoms are world leading brands who invest millions of dollars into research, innovation and safe manufacturing practices. For a buyer of condoms, assurance of brand quality is the most important. Most of us will not like to buy a condom whose brand is not famous or there have 潤滑膏 been some bad reviews about the product. However, in the case of Durex condoms and Trojan condoms, the brands itself are synonymous with the products. Very rarely will you find the size, range, colors and variety with any other brand. Both these brands of condoms come in different sizes, shapes that add to the pleasure, flavor for some extra fun and colors to add to the mood.

Previous Experience with Different Brands of Condoms

Most of us through prior experience or recommendation with friends or partners know what works best. The last thing you want to do is to experiment with a new brand of condom when things are at climax with your partner. Just stick to a familiar brand such as the Durex condoms or Trojan condoms so you concentrate on the fun part rather than struggling in an unfamiliar territory.

Consider Your Partner Preferences

If you do not consider this important, you risk ruining what could have been a perfect few hours of intimacy. Your partner might like a ribbed or a spotted condom. Or she might prefer a different flavor to the one you have chosen. It is important that you get your partner into the discussion of choosing a brand of condom that she is comfortable with. There might be other brands of condoms that you like, but if your partner is uncomfortable, it’s best to give in to her wishes. Of course, make sure that you are at the stage of your relationship where discussing such things are not taboo, or you might put off your partner.

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