Home Care Nursing for New Mothers and Babies

Pregnancy is such an exciting time for families. So much is happening and there are so many adjustments to make before the baby is born. For the parents, a brand new life is going to be coming home with you. Preparations increase as the weeks and months pass and then suddenly, it’s time! Consider setting up the home care nurse before your due date so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Giving birth to one or more babies is a physical and emotional life changing event. Bringing a new baby home is such a wonderful milestone and yet it can create anxiety and stress if the new parents do not have any help at home. Often 催乳 a friend or family member offers to come and help, which is fine as long as they have experience with babies and the parents both get along with this person. If not it can create even more issues.

Hospitals often release a new mother and her baby after only 24 hours. This doesn’t give the woman much time to prepare for her new role or to rest up for the intense schedule she faces as soon as she arrives home. Many new parents do not want to be told what to do and how to do it. This is a perfect scenario for a home health nurse or aide to provide the security and experience that new parents need to feel confident with their abilities.

All new mothers face tremendous changes in their physical and emotional state after the birth takes place. Hormones are raging in every direction and they affect everything from her mood to her appetite. They are exhausted one minute and exhilarated the next. Sometimes they are so involved in caring for the new baby that they forget to sleep and eat properly.

Hiring a nurse to assist with the care of the baby and the new mother at home is very helpful, especially if there were any complications with the delivery. If the mother had to have a C-section then she will need at least two weeks of recovery time before she is able to manage getting around. Lifting, bending, bathing, even just sitting up and holding the baby can be painful at first.

Breastfeeding mothers have many challenges when they first attempt to get the baby to nurse. It can be overwhelming and emotional and no matter how many books the mother has read nothing really prepares you for the real thing. Those first few days before her milk has actually come in are often frustrating. It is very comforting to have a nurse there to help with the latching on process and to encourage the mother to keep trying. The nurse also will keep track of feeding times and other important information about the health of the baby and the mother.

Having a home care nurse allows the rest of the family to enjoy this magical time and to get to know the newest member without worrying about a

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