An Overview of Vlogging – Video Blogging

In just the past few years, technology has advanced so rapidly. Not only does everyone now have a cell phone but now it is incorporated in every phone is the ability to take pictures and video. Whenever there is a major news story f95zones , video almost immediately is made available and usually the video from the public normally hits the internet before actual news sources are able to. Not only that, but the news sources normally grab video from the internet to instantly use on the news cast while they wait for their own news teams to get the footage prepared.

Video Blogs are also known as vlogs. Just like it sounds like, Vvogs are just like blogs but instead of text, people use video to share their opinion with their readers and the rest of the world. As you can imagine Vlogs have a lot of advantages over text blogging. First, video is more appealing then text. It requires very little effort for the subscriber to receive it. Plus, the potential of excitement over a video blog is normally a great deal higher then your typical text blog.

There are some disadvantages that vlog providers must deal with too. For example, videos require a ton more server space. Also, uploading a video could take a lot of time as well depending on your bandwidth. It might take 20 to 60 minutes just to upload one vlog. Also, depending on the load times of your videos, your viewers might become impatient and move on.

In regards to advertising, it is fairly easy to turn a profit over utilizing your Video Blog. Advertising may be used on your website that provides the video or you can also embed the advertising within the video. You can begin with Google AdSense and as your audience grows, swap over to an advertising media that is a bit more lucrative like selling banner space from your website.

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