Do You Also Exist In The Anti Matter Universe? Where Is It?

I have discussed the existence of your “Probable Selves” in probable or what I sometimes refer to parallel universes in a recent article. I have discussed your existence in other “Simultaneous Selves” in your familiar present world, I have discussed the existence of your “Reincarnational Selves” in what you would consider past lives and I have discussed your dream self.

Before you get too overwhelmed with the knowledge of the many aspects of your whole self or Soul, lets not forget the self that lives in the Anti-Matter universe. For those of you who are confused, there are many previous articles that can be found here attempting to explain the existence of and the reason behind the many personality aspects of the whole self or if you prefer, the soul.

The whole self can be referred to as the Soul, and I sometimes capitalize Soul for the sake of those who would not understand the God-like qualities and ambitions of the Soul. I do it to remind or the unimaginable scope of an unlimited energy presence that has the ability to live many lives simultaneously through it’s many personalities and still maintain its balance and presence in its own multi dimensional reality. Before you begin to get a feeling of insignificance in light of what I have said regarding souls and their multiple personalities, perhaps it would be better to say that you have a soul of your very own, which is then a portion of the oversoul.

If we aren’t careful here we can get bogged down with words and semantics. One of the reasons is that there simply aren’t adequate words to explain some of these concepts that originate in other dimensions, so we have to improvise and in so doing, sometimes lose something in the telling of the tale.

In this article, I want to further explain the existence of the universe of anti-matter or the universe of negative matter which is somewhat easier to explain than anti-matter. For this article then, anti matter is the same as negative matter and you might say that either are “off limits” for you in terms of contact for the foreseeable future.

You do have access to the knowledge and wisdom of your reincarnational selves, your probable selves and your simultaneous selves, and your dreaming self, especially in the dream state. I would venture to say without a doubt that in your dreams, you have solved problems with the help of your probable selves who themselves in their own reality system have dealt with similar problems, that they lend a psychological hand to you unknowingly and you to them. There is a psychological bleed through of this helpful knowledge between dimensional systems. Your experience may also help them if they find themselves in a similar need and this helpful information will be transferred in the dreaming state.

There are other aspects of you that you are totally unaware of and I have not touched on this yet, at least not in any depth, simply because it will undoubtably scandalize your intellect in trying to understand it, but I will soon also discuss the existence of your future selves.

You don’t have to much trouble grasping the concept of “past reincarnational selves” even though you may not be thoroughly convinced of the legitimacy of the concept, but can you intellectually deal with the concept of existence of your future selves living now? I hope so, because we are going to go there in a soon to be published article, but for now, lets get on cheltenham college with the task at hand, the discussion of the universe of anti matter and why it differs so much from the recognition of your other personality aspects that are somewhat available to you through inner intuitional recognition.

Though your reincarnational selves, probable selves, simultaneous selves and even your dream self exist in other planes or dimensions, they are all somewhat interconnected or related to your positive universe, so communication under certain favorable conditions, with proper training and a belief system that is flexible and not too rigid is not only possible but likely, especially in the dream state.

In an unimaginable time before time existed, when the physical universe and earth were formed there were certain processes which brought about not only the formation of the earth that you inhabit, but also the dream universe and the universe of anti-matter. In the case of physical worlds, the non physical dream universe was inherent within the positive universe and the excess energy created the universe of negative matter in processes that I have explained before.

This process has been discussed in some detail, so we will skip over it here. The earth is composed of matter, or positive matter, meaning atoms, molecules and such. Please understand that we could have just as easily termed your world as the world of negative matter from the perspective of your negative universe self, but it more conforms to the accepted definition of positive matter for our purposes. It should go without saying that the same atoms and molecules also have a negative face that creates the negative universe and negative earth.

There was thereafter matter that was unused in the formation of the earth and for deeper, but necessary reasons, the dream universe was formed from what I will call neutral matter and beyond the dream universe, the negative matter universe was formed as a mirror universe to the positive matter universe.

Your world could not exist without the dream universe which is chemically activated by your dreaming self for reasons connected with your survival as a physical being. In other words, dreaming is intimately connected with any and all physical worlds for their very survival. Dreaming is not only a human aspect, since all consciousness dreams. The flowers dream, trees dream, ants dream and in a limited way, your cells dream and the atoms that compose them dream.

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