3 Top Uses of Industrial Curtains

Industrial curtains are a great way to create special enclosures within your existing workspace and get the most out of your space without investing much! These are so versatile that we have seen them all over places, even in those which could have done with simple curtains! You must be wondering what is so cool about industrial curtains that make it so desirable and favorite among all and sundry, so let us explain to you the top 3 applications of industrial curtains and you might just find a new use for industrial curtains too!

But before we go there, let us take a moment to find the reasons for using these special curtains.

Why Use Industrial Curtains
Primarily, curtains are used to define spaces within one large work area. The second reason why people are using industrial curtains is for its capacity to contain an environment within the defined area. These are quite capable of containing particles, gases, fumes and biologically hazardous materials from entering or leaving any space bounded by it.

So, it is not hard to understand that if these are so super efficient at containing an environment, these would be all the better for applications that are not even half as dangerous or critical.

One great thing about industrial curtains is the transparent windows made on it. These are protective as the rest of the curtain, with the additional benefit of being transparent, which allows supervisors and visitors to see what’s going on inside without being exposed to the hazards of the nature of work carried out within the curtained area.

Thus, Industrial Curtains are purchased by mechanics, garages, horse farm owners, painters, construction curtain hong kong workers, biochemist and what not, the list just don’t end!

3 Uses That Are Very Common

1. Auto Painting Facilities
If you have ever been to a painting facility, you must have seen the area where the painters do their painting jobs. They spray color, polishes and other chemical products that can cause serious damage to the human body if inhaled directly. To prevent direct inhalation, they use protective masks over their face, but those around them are helpless against the harm.

Besides customers and visitors, this also harms all those who work at the paint shop all day long, for instance, other technicians, receptionists and managers who sir way too far from the paint job area, but nonetheless are equally exposed to the threats as someone standing in the vicinity of the paint spray! By nature, paint is very light and uses an oil based solvent which carries the paint particles far away from the actual area.

Therefore, such facilities, use curtains to contain the hazards of the painting industry.

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