Why Start a Blog?

There are numerous reasons why millions of people today are starting their very first blogs. It is a great way for people to express their passions and inspirations to the rest of the world as well as a great way to make an extra income. With the Internet becoming more and more popular each and every day it is no mystery that people want to take a part in the ever-growing online community. If you think about it, many of us have already started an Internet lifestyle and don’t even realize it. With places like Facebook and MySpace individuals display information, likes, dislikes, updates, pictures, videos, news, etc. on their very own page for the world or whomever one chooses to see. This can be analogous to creating a blog. On a blog, one is using the platform that he or she chooses to display many similar aspects of the networks like Facebook and MySpace. The difference is that a blog can be utilized in ways that allow one to make great money, create completely unique and customizable posts and pages and get all of the wonderful ideas, knowledge and passions people hold inside out to the world to help others. With school, work, families and extra activities there is no time or reason to start a blog, right? WRONG! Since I have started creating my first blog I have done quite a bit of talking about it with others. When I bring up the subject of blogging, most have little idea of what a blog actually consists of. I explain that it is just a notepad to display what you love and make money from it if you choose, an entrepreneurial opportunity to work on while you continue your regular daily routines of work or school and so on. “I don’t have any time for that” is the common response that I get. I have recently decided to do a little test to find out how much time people really do have. For five days, I walked through my universities library and took a look at the computer screens of the first 20 people I saw. I took note of whether the person was working on something for school, or using the computer for other reasons. These were my results:

Use the Facebook photo galleries for your business to display photos of your office, your company vehicles or your own photo so that you and your business are recognisable to your customers. You can then promote your Facebook gallery using Twitter by tweeting the link to your gallery on Twitter Sherry Dyson . (You can find the link on your Facebook photo gallery at the bottom of the page while in edit mode.) Once you have enough people that ‘like’ you on Facebook you can also get an absolute URL to promote your Facebook pages, making it easier to do from Twitter and other networking websites.

Reward those who follow you on Twitter and Facebook with exclusive special offers to say thank you. Test to see which offers work best by using a unique code for each one and ask customers to quote it when they get in touch so you can track their effectiveness.

Choose your avatar, this is the small picture that represents you on networking websites, rather than use your logo try having a photograph of yourself. This enables readers to identify you and relate to your personality.

Promote your social networking activities not just on your website and blog but also on your business cards, email signature, invoices and promotional materials. Making the effort to promote your online activities to those customers who may not otherwise see them helps to increase your followers and they benefit from accessing your special offers online, creating a win-win situation.

It sounds obvious but it’s the secret to success: write your blog about what your customers are interested in hearing about. By giving them quality information and tips about the industry you are in they are more likely come back for more, more likely to contact you when they are ready to make a purchase.

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