Top 8 Reasons to Plant Trees Around Your Home

Many people are advocates of tree planting. It is because they have realized how important it is to plant trees. Their existence has given tons of environmental benefits. Aside from that, it has also contributed to the wellness of mankind.

But if you want to know 8 reasons why you should start planting trees, here are some of them:

1. It keeps your home cool at all times, especially on hot seasons. Hence, you can still enjoy the outdoors because you are protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

2. Trees act as a natural shade for your home. Hence, it works to block sunlight from directly entering your homes wholesale hotel furniture . If it is strategically planted, your air conditioners would have lesser workload. As a result, your electricity bills would be greatly reduced.

3. Every house has its own carbon footprint. The more you use energy, the bigger the carbon footprint is. You may say question the need to pay attention to this matter. Well, bear in mind that carbon is one of the most popular greenhouse gases that has contributed to global warming. So the larger the carbon footprint of every home is, the more it accelerates the degradation of the environment.

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The presence of trees helps reduce the carbon emitted in the atmosphere. As you all know, carbon is one of the elements that nourish plants. With trees surrounding your house, you are helping fight global warming.

4. Trees provide natural habitats to various species. Doing so helps prevent their extinction and you can also provide them homes.

5. They help create the most beautiful landscapes. Trees add beauty to your backyard, especially during spring. If you have fruit trees the better it is as the colors add more spunk to your place; also curb appeal.

6. It is the source of food. Trees give you additional sustenance to the family. So it is indeed a blessing as it adds food on the table. But that is not all you are getting. Even to the wastes it produces like dried leaves falling or trimmings are very useful in making compost. Hence, it can help you grow the healthiest plants and flowers by growing them organically.

After being scientifically proven to contribute to ozone layer depletion above the earth, CFCs – which are regarded as a greenhouse gas – gradually began to be phased out under an EU directive from 1997 onwards. Nowadays CFCs are only permitted under medicinal practices but were once common place in products that were mass produced and found in the home.

Aerosol sprays, in particular, were almost seen as the poster boy for anti-CFC campaigns. Despite aerosols manufacturers in the UK stopping the use of CFC gas in their product in 1989, many companies outside of the country continued to do so. CFC products have been banned in the UK altogether since 2000. CFCs were easily replaced in aerosol sprays with liquefied gas such as butane or a combination of carbon dioxide and air which have fewer – if any – negative effects on the environment.

CFCs were also commonly used in air conditioning units. Due to their low chemical reactivity properties, CFCs were initially popular among air conditioning manufacturers; particularly in large scale operations used to chill factories, schools and office buildings. Since the late 80s however, commercial air conditioners have begun the transition to environmentally friendly compounds which have also proven to be much more efficient and cost effective in comparison to CFC equivalents.

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