Video Blogging – 3 Ways You Can Use a Webcam to Improve Your Vlog

One of the fastest ways a small business can get a video presence online is by signing up with a video sharing website such as YouTube and creating a video blog, a video version of your text blog, to provide vital information to their clients or customers. A video blog enables either yourself or someone from your company the ability to interact with your clients or customers by providing information, industry news and notification of events.

With most Macbooks and Notebooks PCs that are currently on the market, many are bundled with a webcam, internal microphone and video editing software such as Windows Movie Maker, on the Windows XP or Windows 7 platform, or Imovie in the ILife software suite on a new Apple laptop . If your laptop or desktop was not bundled with a webcam, there are many inexpensive webcams available online that range in prices as low as $10.00 to as high as $100.00. With these tools, you can create quick and easily produced video content for your small business.

Whether or not you are a fan of Facebook, there is one thing you cannot deny: Facebook is huge. It is the most-used website on the internet, and has the potential to vastly increase your web traffic.

Even without a presence on Facebook yourself, opening the doors to a flood of new traffic to your website from this social media leviathan takes less than a minute – less time, in fact, than it takes to read this article – simply by installing a Facebook Like Button to your blog.

The Facebook Like button gives anyone with a Facebook account the ability to quickly and easily express their approval of your web page and automatically share the news with their friends. Their Facebook avatar will also then appear on your page so when their friends find your page, they will see their friends’ faces and, perhaps, stick around just a little longer than they might have.

With micro-blogging services, like Twitter, and social network services, like Facebook, demanding so much attention from today’s Internet users, many web advisers believe Web-log are soon to be numbered. Not exactly, according to eMarketer who report that 53.5%, or 122.6 million, of the U.S. online population currently read at least one blog on a monthly basis. That number still continues to steadily climb. And it is believed that it will reach to about 150 million people will be reading/ blogging by 2014. That is encouraging news for us bloggers from the largest corporation to the smallest businesses, as well as anyone who is simply a fan of “old” new media.

Also, if you are feeling that the Internet is not fast enough for ya’, do not worry. Google is working on it. The real-time search tool, Instant, is reported that Google has teamed up with them to speed up virtually everything on the web. The logic behind this is simple: the faster the people need to search, download, communicate, shop, watch, listen, and do whatever else there is to do on the web, the more engaged in these activities we will be. It is high-speed chase and if the web wins, Google wins! No matter what some analysts might be saying, Google Instant is in no way the end of SEO. If anything, Google Instant makes the job of SEO more important as it represents a new paradigm shift in searching and presenting new opportunities along the way.

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