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Good questions that may seem to have obvious answers to the “seasoned internet user”, but maybe not so obvious to the ones just starting out on their internet journeys. “Blog” is an abbreviated version of “weblog,” which is a term used to describe web sites that maintain an ongoing supply of information and news. A blog is a frequently updated personal (or business, for that matter) web site featuring diary-type commentary and links to articles and/or other web sites.

Blogs cover the whole spectrum, from the personal to the political, the sublime to the ridiculous, and everything in-between, and they can focus on one narrow subject or a whole wide range of subjects. Many blogs focus on a particular topic, such as health, dating, dog training, web design, politics, sports, or mobile technology. If people are interested in it, you can blog about it Some are more into just presenting links to all manner of other sites, mostly affiliate links that pay them when someone purchases a product after clicking one of the links.

Others are more like personal journals or diaries, presenting the author’s daily life and thoughts. Whatever they are used for, blogs are also ideally suited to building membership sites. So, exactly how does a person create a blog, you ask? WordPress is probably the most popular and most powerful and versatile blogging software, and when I talk about blogging, I’m talking about using WordPress as the platform.

WordPress is free, it is easy to install, it is powerful and extremely versatile, and it is easy to configure and use. As far as using WordPress to build membership sites, I can say that it is definitely a very good way to get started. It is also a very low cost way to get started. Membership sites are one of the hottest money makers on the web right now, and more and more people are creating an extra monthly pay check by building their own sites and charging readers a monthly fee to view the material. If you have a passion for a particular subject, almost any subject, chances are that a lot of other people have the same passion. Create a membership site where all of those people can mingle online with other like-minded people, and you are set to go.

If you have an expertise in a field, create a membership site, charge a monthly fee for others in the field to access your information, and you have money coming in every month, month after month. You can find books and video tutorials that will guide you through all of the steps and show you exactly how to create membership sites using WordPress. If you use WordPress to build a membership site, you will need a good membership site plugin to manage membership chores, and there are several available. They range in price from totally free up to a couple of hundred dollars one time fee, and some charge a monthly fee.

With the advent of the cyberspace age in the 1980’s, internet marketing was born. As more and more people signed on online, the more business advertising grew. Whilst television, radio and print ads are still quite effective ways of reaching the average consumer, technology is the wave of the future. The introduction of the web log or blog has really revolutionised the way products and services are promoted online.

Because a blog is an all-purpose vehicle serving as a voice, a platform and a way to send a memo out to the world, it makes sense as a business owner to take advantage of blog advertising. You should tie your blog to your company website, offering breaking news of new products and services as well as insight into the company itself. Or, you might consider being a guest blogger on other websites that complement your business. For instance, if you own a string of beauty salons, you might blog for a fashion hair magazine or one of the top beauty supply places in your area.

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