Reasons Why The Vivo V21 Pro Can Be A Good Choice

According to recent reports by independent mobile analysts, the Vivo V21 Pro will be launched in the second part of July. This is the third major smartphone in the lucrative portfolio of smartphones from Vivo. With all the mid-range models already launched, Vivo is looking to introduce the Pro models into its customers’ markets. However, it will come as a welcome change, as Vivo has kept the price tag of its phones very low.

At present, the Vivo V21 Pro offers five models with four specific categories named as C Class, A+ Class, E Class, C Class Pro and G Class. All these phones are equipped with the identical hardware and come loaded with the same operating system – Android OS 4.4 Kit Kat Vivo V21 Pro . The camera on this handset is of high quality and can take clear pictures and videos.

The unique selling proposition of this device is that it offers the users a multi functional display including an anti-glare display that reduces the glare from the phone screen. Also, it offers quick charge in both the fast and standard modes in addition to an extended battery life. When it comes to the fast charging feature of this handset, this model has the same technology as that of the Nokia E71 which offers fast charging in just over 15 minutes. The connectivity features of this phone are USB Type-C and Bluetooth 4.0.

Other features like touch screen, memory expandable and high resolution camera are additional aspects of this handsets which make it a preferred choice of android enthusiasts. For instance, the capacitive touch screen display of this handset offers an enhanced user experience when compared to the traditional resistive touch screen that is present in most handsets of this class. Also, it comes with a large memory which can support the storage of various data including text messages, call logs, emails, music, contacts, video clips and many other purposes. On the other hand, it also comes with a large battery and offers two hours of talk time. Thus, the fast charging feature of this handset makes it a top pick among android lovers.

Another feature of this handset which makes it a desirable choice for many is its large memory which supports the recording of up to two hundred hours of music, videos and stills. This can be done with the help of an external card which is inserted in the micro SD slot of the HTC Evo Shift. This makes it possible to record video clips and photos at any point of time. The HTC Evo Shift also supports microSD memory which is much smaller than the main memory of the phone and can be easily inserted into the mobile phone via the micro USB port. The camera of this device is similar to the one found in the iPhone for its amazing imaging quality and features a huge resolution as compared to the iPhone’s 6.5 megapixel unit.

In terms of screen size, the HTC Evo Shift comes with a screen size of 5.3 inches which is just slightly bigger when compared to the iPhone’s inch screen size. However, if you compare screen sizes of different phones of this category, the difference might not be that huge. This difference is most probably due to the fact that many internet users prefer websites which have bigger screens as opposed to websites which have small ones. Hence, the screen size of this phone is another deciding factor which helps you determine which handset to buy.

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