Get Paid to Play Games – How to Get a Job As As Games Tester

Getting paid to play video games – it’s every gamer’s dream job, but what if it was actually possible? Well the fact is that games all around the world get paid to play games every single day, and yet most people are totally unaware of the vital role they play in the game development industry F95ZONE .

Back in the 1980s computer and video games were developed by small teams on low budgets. Often one programmer would also do level design, graphics and testing. These days things have changed, and video games are big business, with big budgets and teams of developers. In fact, the worldwide video games market is now estimated at over $50 billion each year, and with individual games having multi-million dollar budgets the role of the game tester is now vital.

Games testers really do have a dream job – after all they get paid to play games! However, it’s not all fun and games, it’s a serious job and games companies only want gamers who are professional and have the skills required to deliver results.

Games testers usually begin working on a particular project once a game reaches around 50 – 70% completion. Up to that point the testing is usually carried out by the development team, but once levels start being created, and more complex features are added to a game it becomes essential for a team of testers to start playing the games over and over, finding bugs, and ensuring that the game plays properly.

While the idea of playing a video games over and over again for hours might sound like fun, in reality it can be a tiresome and frustrating job. Often the same level, or sequence of actions must be completed over and over again to test specific functions or previously fixed bugs. And all the while the tester needs to be logging their actions, carefully reporting bugs and anomalies that the development team can then fix or change.

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