Do I Need More Than One Domain Name?

It should be obvious to most people that in the internet marketing or online marketing world, there are a lot of people competing for targeted traffic to get people filling out their cost per action (CPA) offers. To try and address this – a little bit of outside the box thinking can be used to create a new method to overcome the issues associated with increased competition for traffic. This is a very simple offline/online hybrid method that anyone with a CPA account should be able to do. Even if you are shy and you do not really enjoy having to communicate face to face with the general public then this method is still for you because it can all be outsourced.

There are 2 ways of doing this – either handing out flyers somewhere like a local university or putting an advertisement in a local newspaper. You will simply put the details of your offer on the flyer or advert as well as the domain they should visit in order to get to your offer f95zone . You will not put your CPA link on the flyer or advert because they are just too horrible looking and they will put people off typing them in. You need to register a domain that is easy for people to type into their browser – it does not even have to be anything to do with the offer as long as it is easy for them to type in. Just make sure it isn’t anything silly and would be the best because they look like ‘brand’ domains and not cheap and spammy like .info domains.

Offers to do with the latest and greatest smartphones like iPhones and Samsung Galaxies should work well. You need to choose your offer so that it’s going to have mass appeal – I mention the latest smartphones because nearly everyone wants one and you can usually find CPA offers to do with these easily. I suppose iPads are another good alternative for the same reasons godaddy email . Remember when choosing your offer that it is valid in the country that you are operating in and also that you get paid simply when someone enters some details about themselves and not when they have to buy something. The amount of money you make when it is just a zip or email submit is much lower than when they need to buy something but it is going to be much easier for you to convert the offer.

Another thing that you are going to have to do to make this work is redirect your domain to your CPA offer that contains your affiliate link. So when they see your advert or flyer telling them to visit your domain, after they type it in to their browser they will be redirected to your link. View this to find out how to do a redirect with GoDaddy. If you are going to opt for the flyers method then you might want to outsource to a student and pay them some money for handing out the flyers. This might be better because they will have more access to the university campus and they might not appreciate a non-student hanging around the place handing out flyers to students. You could even offer them a percentage of the profits as motivation for doing the job properly and not just throwing your flyers in the rubbish when they get bored.

You might be thinking that you could make a copy of your website and use an alternate domain name for that copy. Hey, two websites are better than one right? You might have a domain name like www ace plumbing com that goes to your main website. You could set up www aceplumbing net and have that go to a copy of your website. Double the website, double your website visitors, leads and customers. It seems logical.

Unfortunately it does no good to have two websites for your business. The exception would be if you have two websites that each contain unique information about two separate parts of your business. But then again, you could just have two separate categories within your main website to cover the two separate areas of your business.

Why doesn’t it make sense to have two websites instead of one? Think of it this way. 10 people sit down at their computers and arrive at your website. Each of them visits only one or both of your websites. There are still only 10 people who are possible customers for your business. Each of them can be visiting and reading only one website at a time.

Oh, but you’re thinking that maybe fewer of those 10 people would have found your website if you had only one. Nope. If they found your site with a search engine it’s likely that only one of your sites would have shown up in the search results anyway. That’s how search engines work. They don’t want to offer duplicate information on the same page of results. So you really needed only one website to get found.

Sometimes a business owner just wants to cover themselves. Domain names are cheap. They might have registered several domain names. They have only one website. Many times the additional domain names don’t even point to their website. They’ve just been purchased to keep others (their competitors?) from grabbing them.

For example. Ace Plumbing might have a domain name called www aceplumbing com. They also register www aceplumbing net, www aceplumbing org, and www aceplumbing biz. They really want to be thorough so they register www aceplumbingmn com, www aceplumbingusa com, www ace-plumbing com. They start thinking more about it. They better grab www ace-plumbingmn com, www ace-plumbingusa com, and www ace-plumbing-business com just to be safe.

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