Trigger Email Marketing Tips

In the world of internet and email marketing, we often have the need to have a predetermined “trigger” take place when a user does a certain action. With email marketing this process is called “Trigger Email Marketing.”

Trigger email marketing is an email message that is automatically sent to a member on your list when he or she completes certain predetermined action or a lack-of-action response from that member. For example, an email could be “triggered” if a person completes an opt-in form on your website, clicks on a link in an email and becomes a “Hot Prospect,” views your video email, buys an item in your shopping cart and etc. There are numerous event-triggered actions that marketers have used to effectively increase their income.

The main purpose of trigger email marketing is to use an automated and very specific email system to increase your ROI more than a broad email campaign Charter mail login . However, according to Forrester Research, fewer than 4 out of every 10 email marketers currently use trigger email marketing.

The biggest problem with trigger email marketing is having an automated email marketing system available and in place. OfficeVP has recently released a complete trigger based email and video email system. This system creates an easy and effective way to instantly increase your conversion rate and ROI.

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