Celebrity Hairstyles For the Guys

Famous men throughout history have had many different ways of styling their hair. Hundreds of years ago, men shaved their heads and wore wigs. This was done Kelly Stables to prevent lice. Other men have grown their hair long or kept it at mid length. More recently, there has been less variety in the styles of celebrity hairstyles for men. However, there are still some very different looks that certain famous men wear.

Celebrity hairstyles for men usually include some very short styles of hair. During times of war, the military short hair is often characterized by celebrity men. Hair is kept well away from the ears and neck. Some styles are so extreme that the hair is almost invisible on the head. Some celebrity men also choose to shave their heads entirely. This is popular with men already losing their hair, or with celebrities in war or prison roles. Men tend to change their hair more for different roles than women do.

Celebrity hairstyles for men are often long. If their hair is not extremely short, then it is probably longer than that of the average man. One of the reasons longer hair is popular with celebrity men is that longer hair is easier to style than mid-length hair. Some celebrity men have had extremely long hair, usually rock stars, but in general, the long hair worn by celebrities is not long enough to appear girly.

Facial hair on celebrities used to be considered dirty and something to be avoided. Now, however, the occasional famous man will grow a short beard, mustache, or goatee. It is not considered as uncouth as it once was. The early days of movies and television seldom showed men with facial hair. A few celebrities have very long facial hair. Men will often grow facial hair for a role. If the movie is a popular one, then that style of facial hair will gain popularity as a regular style.

Rock stars often have extreme forms of hair. One popular style for men is to have dark, straight hair swept over one eye. Another popular style is to have strangely colored hair such as blue or red. Rock starts are usually the biggest hairstyle risk takers. However, after a few years usually the extreme style has been modified and is used in every day life with ordinary people.

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