Review of VISS IPL Hair Removal System

Review of VISS IPL Hair Removal System

One of the latest at-home hair removal products to make its way on the scene, the VISS IPL hair removal system has many consumers curious about its capabilities of getting rid of unwanted hair. Like many other home laser hair removal devices, the VISS IPL claims to comfortably and easily remove hair at each person’s convenience. But does this new device really work and how does it differ from similar products?

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What is the VISS IPL?

The VISS IPL utilizes intense pulsed light technology to achieve hair photothermolysis, a non-invasive technique that targets hair follicles. The VISS kit is available for online purchase 全身脫毛, priced at a reasonable $545, which is significantly cheaper than professional treatments. Some other key features are its hand piece applicator, making it super portable and convenient. It also has eight adjustable settings to control intensity so hair removal patients can determine the right level of laser wavelengths. The flashlamp has replaceable cartridges that have a life of 4,000 flashes, enough to handle one full-body treatment. The makers of this product also claim that is provides exceptional, long-term hair removal.

How does it stack up to other products? Basically, the VISS IPL has a different range of light wavelengths as compared to traditional lasers. This broad spectrum makes for larger laser spots that can treat up to 220 hairs every four seconds. Standard lasers have smaller spot sizes because they typically only use a single light beam. The VISS IPL also has the option to buy specialized cartridges that treat acne and perform photorejuvenation.

How Do You Use VISS IPL?

The device is relatively easy to use and is approved for both men and women to remove facial and body hair. Before using the VISS IPL hair removal device, consumers need to shave the treatment area, making sure it is clean and dry. Wearing the protective eye wear included in the package is important, since the light may damage retinas. When performing at-home laser hair removal, following instructions is essential since incorrect usage can cause problems. After reading the instructions carefully, consumers can begin removing their unwanted hair.

With the device on, consumers need to adjust the light intensity and place the applicator against the skin. It’s a good idea for first time users to test the laser on one or two spots with different settings to ensure they are using the one best suited for them. A “ready to flash” indicator will let users know when to press the flash button. Once one section is done, users will move on to the next section, repeating the process until all unwanted hair is zapped.

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