Online MBAs – The Sure Way to Doubling Your Salary

Online MBAs – The Sure Way to Doubling Your Salary

As employers are demanding more skills and educational requirements from their employees, online MBA programs offer a great opportunity to get ahead in your career mba degree. And the decision to pursue such a program couldn’t have come at a better with time since so many of these programs are now easily available.

Completion of an accredited online MBA degree will carry a lot of weight in any company’s hiring and promotion decisions. According to studies that have been done, there is a direct correlation between higher salaries and having an MBA.

As economic conditions are declining around the world, learning new skills can make your resume look even more appealing to your employers. The choice of earning an online MBA degree is becoming more popular even among employees who work full-time. Online MBAs are highly sought after since the program is designed to equip employees for advanced leadership positions in business. Studies show that those who have MBAs tend to earn about 145% more than those without the degree, over the course of a lifetime. So, while it may seem expensive initially, it does make sense over the long run.

According to figures from the Graduate Management Admission Council, in some cases a person’s salary can increase a whopping 50% with an MBA. For instance, a person working in the marketing field can make up to $42,000 prior to obtaining an MBA, while that figure can rise as high as $80,000 after receiving an MBA. In effect, that’s about double the money, post MBA.

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