Dummies’ Guide To Google Adsense

You probably have heard a lot about Google Adsense. It is one of the hottest ways to make money online nowadays. Google AdSense gives you the capability to earn revenue from advertising by displaying Google ads on your web pages.

Google AdSense is passive income. It is income that you earn without having to put in a lot of work buy google ads account. Well, this may sound like scam. Nothing is for free in this world except the air that we breathe. The truth is you need to put in the groundwork. Learn about Google AdSense and then set up your web pages. Wah la, you are ready to earn passive income.

The concept is much like real estate. For example if you own a commercial building. You hire a property manager and maintenance work crew to maintain it. All you have to do is to rent out the building space and watch income roll in. Once you have laid the groundwork of acquiring a building, renovate it, rent out space, and hire a property manager and maintenance crew, there is little else to do except to earn passive income.

Google AdSense is an easy and fast way of making money with your web pages. Well, you may ask what kind of ads does Google display on your web pages. Google displays ads that are relevant to your web page content.

Let us say your web page is about dogs. Google will send ads for pet stores, dog food, dog training, toys for dogs…got the picture? Google always sends targeted ads that are relevant to your content on a page-by-page basis. More relevant ads on your web pages translate into money. Google pays you every time a visitor clicks on an AdSense ad.

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