What Type of Bike Rack Should I Get?

Have you ever stopped to look at the people riding those stationary bikes in your local gym? Do they look like they’re having much fun? If it brings to mind a hamster on a wheel, it should. When it comes to cardio, few things compare to a hard ride in the great outdoors. And for that, you’re gonna need a bike rack.

Current models are designed to fit any car or truck and install with basic tools in less than an hour. In fact, most bike racks just snap securely into place, keeping your gear from banging around in the back of your vehicle while saving you from having to remove the chain and one or both wheels. They come in a wide range of styles and shapes to keep your bikes safely stored and securely locked in place when you make a pit stop.

Bike racks are pretty universal but they also include a couple unique features to suit your needs and the needs of your vehicle.

A bike carrier comes in two main varieties: bike roof racks or a rear-mounted bike rack. The difference between them is substantial and pretty important to consider when making your purchase. Bike roof racks are great if you have a smaller car because you can store your bikes up top and out of the way, but they’re car roof rack still in easy reach. They allow you to safely and easily transport bikes and other recreational gear, like surfboards, to and from your destination while providing extra room in the cab for passengers, overnight gear or snacks and beverages. They have only one downside: they require you to reach above the vehicle to stow and retrieve your gear, which can be difficult with a high roof.

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If you have a larger vehicle, like an SUV, a hitch-mounted bike rack is the better option. The one downside is that this type of bike carrier can make it difficult to access the trunk or rear of the vehicle. However, good hitch-mounted bike racks either fold down or swing away to the side when you need to reach into the rear and grab your gear.

The best bike racks are forged from steel tubing, capable of holding up to 300 lbs of evenly distributed weight, and usually work with just about any cargo carrier system. They’re also personally-tailored to your specific make, model and year, providing a custom fit, and manufactured by proven name brands like Smittybilt and MBRP. Each kit is finished in a tough black powder coating that resists corrosion and comes complete with all the necessary hardware for a quick and easy installation.

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