List of Pakistan Prize bond

The Pakistan draw lis is a prize bond with a token on it. And to see these numbers, you have to scratch them or wait for the winning result.

Therefore, they can be found in different amounts. Some are 100 rupees; some are 200 rupees, 1500 rupees, 750 rupees, and some are 40,000 rupees and 25,000 rupees. We have also published the results in various cities such as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar Multan Faisalabad Muzaffarabad. Even on extra days, as shown by some figures on Monday and Friday, etc. You have another regular appointment.

Pakistan Savings CDs regulates these prize bond in Pakistan and issues prize bond valuations. You can see it on another website or newspaper. They are also meant for ordinary people, and anyone can get them with Pakistani money. They offer unique children the opportunity to reveal the names of the winners.

To win the prize bond from the members of the committee. The general public can also access these offers and view the results online.

The public is allowed to investigate to ensure fairness. Test the raffle maker before entering the raffle. You can also participate in this situation, and you need your CIC to attract this chance.

You can get a large Pakistani financial institution with money in your money. You can pay them with official banking signals. You can also sell them or use them for a happy drawing.

Beginning of January 20, 2022, the government provides a list of winners. Website With a lucky lottery online. You can see the results or go to the party. They run them in other cities. The Federal Government of Pakistan also provides this list. Therefore, there is a graph/list showing when the Lucky Draw prize quote sheet will be held and may be held. December 15, 2022, 200 rupees in Faisalabad

December 12, 2022, 25,000 rupees in Lahore and 40,000 rupees in Multan. on the same day

November 15, 2022, Rs 100 in Rawalpindi and 1500 in Karachi. on the same date

October 17, 2022, Rs 750 in Quetta

September 15, 2022200 Republika Srpska in Hyderabad

The government also has these lucky days between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Prize bond vouchers in Pakistan allow you to view them online or on the prize bond list. And these lists are updated daily, and you can also see past results of your happy use of the site. It’s a brand new listing on their main website.

I will not fail to reveal the schedules from January 2022 to December 2022 and run them in every city. They join this lucky equality to other cities.

You can view the information on this bonus in the 2022 list. This list can regularly update your website. The following is a list of winning values for other bonds:

Nobody of winners prize bonds in Pakistan

Number 1 1 Victor 700.000 100.

2 VINCE 2 03 200,000 100 100 100.

The followers are 1199 heroes 1,000 100.

As you can see, the winning volume will be contradicted for the initial value. However, there is no wrinkle in the hidden reality of opportunities that someone does not decline. Pakistan’s prize bond guess paper is a band with a symbol. Pakistan’s Pakistan savings have organized these links in Pakistan and have won the prize bond guess paper. The following graphics/lists are certainly DUCHESS LUCKY DRAW, and you will be grateful.

As a result of the Pakistan Pakistan Award, you can investigate online or lucky online drags. You can see the details of this lucky physical award on Listing 2022. This is constantly updated on their websites.

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